Testimonial 08 1024 768 Hockey Fever

Testimonial 08

Getting back into Hockey to me is more than just playing a team sport, I have met some amazing people and great friends. It’s been brilliant to be able to…

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Testimonial 07 369 569 Hockey Fever

Testimonial 07

I have rediscovered a sport that I love playing but didn’t think I’d get the chance to be involved with again. I have also met some fantastic people and made…

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Lisa from Hockey Fever in Gloucestershire
Testimonial 01 910 910 Hockey Fever

Testimonial 01

After putting my hockey days behind me 14 years ago and having a family and career I didn’t think I would have the time to enjoy the sport I loved…

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Testimonial 02 600 600 Hockey Fever

Testimonial 02

Played hockey quite a lot at school, what with trying to balance work and family life and not wanting to join a club, didn’t think I would play again. Hockey…

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