Terms & conditions

1.1      It is the responsibility of the Team Organiser to ensure that the team is ready to play at the scheduled time each week and that every member of the team is aware of and will abide by the rules herein.

1.2       A player wishing to question any of the League terms and conditions, must inform their team organiser – who is required to make their views known in writing to Hockey Fever Ltd.

1.3       If a team wishes to change their Team Organiser at any point, a request must be sent in writing to Hockey Fever Ltd. This request must be dated and accompanied by the signatures of both the former and new organiser, along with confirmation that the new organiser will accept responsibility to fulfil and pay for all fixtures as required, and agree to abide by the league rules.


2.1    All players must be 13 or over and the Team Organiser must be 18 or over. All players must wear appropriate footwear and must not wear anything that is potentially harmful to others.  Players are encouraged to wear shin pads and mouth guards.  Female Players who are more than 12 weeks pregnant may not take part.

2.2    An unlimited number of players are allowed to ‘register’ with each team; and players can join a team at any point during the season.  In order for a game to commence however, a minimum of four players is required in each team.

2.3    If a team does not have enough players, then they can ask to borrow a player from another team.  However, if they are unable to find players, then the team may either play with the minimum of 4 players, or concede the game 4 – 0 (See paragraph 5.2 for details of the fees applied).


3.1    Each match is controlled by one umpire, who we will organise for you.  The umpires are on the pitch to ensure safe and fair play, through the adapted rules of Hockey Fever.  The umpire’s decision is final. Please respect their decisions.

3.2    The Umpires also keep track of the score, whether a team arrives late, and any disciplinary issues that arise – all of which will be fed back to the organisers of Hockey Fever Ltd.

3.2      In the unlikely, event that there is no Umpire available for a game, Hockey Fever Ltd should be informed and then a replacement found. Any person with a working knowledge of the Official Rules of Hockey may step in and will be paid the umpiring fee of £4 per team per game as long as they pass on the result of the match, player of the match and any other incidents of note to Hockey Fever within 24 hours of the match.


4.1    Please ensure that all players arrive at the venue at least 10 minutes in advance of their start time, as this enables maximum playing time for all teams.

4.2    Team organisers need to find one another and toss in advance. The winner decides whether to have the first centre pass or choose an end to shoot at first.  If they choose the centre pass, then the other team picks which end to shoot – and vice versa.

4.3    The games commence on the umpire’s whistle, and Hockey Fever Rules apply.


5.1    If a team arrives late, but before the end of the first half, the late team starts THREE goals down. If a team arrives after the first half has finished then the game is conceded 4 – 0 and the late team must pay both the umpire and opposition’s match fee, in addition to their own match fees.

5.2    If a team cannot find enough players for a particular match and have to concede, then they will be charged the match fees of £30 and the game is conceded 4 – 0. If a conceding team gives less than 24 hours’ notice, they will charged the oppositions match fees in addition to their own match fees.

5.3    A team may only concede one match in any one season at Hockey Fever, and will incur a £40 fine if they concede more than one in a season.

5.4      If Hockey Fever have to cancel a game for any reason they will endeavor to email teams at least one hour prior to the match start time.  We will do all that is reasonable to give as much notice as possible and to provide alternative opportunity to reorganise matches that are cancelled.


6.1    Each match consists of two 18-minute halves, depending on the venue. The start and finish of play will be signalled by the umpires whistle, and there will be a two-minute break between halves, during which teams swap ends.

6.2     Rolling substitutions can be made at any time, from a place agreed by the Umpire and Team Captains before the match.


7.1    There is no injury time. Therefore, if a player is injured the clock will not stop, although every effort will be made to resume play as soon as possible.  If an injured player is unable to continue playing, a substitution should be made without further delay.   If the injured player’s team does not have any substitutes, then the players on court, from both teams, can swap positions.

7.2    In the event of serious injury, a report will be submitted by the umpire(s) and Hockey Fever Ltd will subsequently decide whether the time remaining will be played at a later date.


8.1    5 points are awarded for a win, 3 points are awarded for a draw, and 1 point is awarded to the losing team if they score at least half the number of goals of the winning team.

8.2    Up-to-date fixture lists and league tables will be displayed online at www.hockey-fever.co.uk using the Fixtures/Results link

8.3    The length of each season is dependent on the number of teams in each division.


9.1     All infringements and misconduct will be dealt with by the umpires accordingly.  The umpire’s decision is final.

9.2     In the case of serious misconduct or persistent rule breaking, umpires will follow the official England Hockey rules with regard to Personal Penalties


10.1  Match fees are £33.00 per team per game, plus £4 umpiring fees per team per game.  Umpiring fees are paid to the umpire before each game. In the unlikely event that there is no umpire for a match, any player stepping in should be paid the Umpiring fee.

10.2  Teams are required to pay their match fees every four weeks in advance, via one of the methods listed in ‘How to Pay Your Fees’ below. If a team owes money to Hockey Fever Ltd for any reason, the Team Manager has the legal responsibility for the debt.


11.1  There is a £45.00 team registration fee per season. This should be paid at the time of registration to ensure your place in the league.


12.1 We only accept payment via the Hockey Fever website (once logged in via “Members” link on the main navigation… click on My Statement and follow the instructions)


13.1  If a team decides to withdraw from the league mid-season, they shall be liable for payment of all remaining match fees, unless a replacement team can be found by the withdrawing team.   (The replacement team entering the league will be given an ‘average’ point score, which will be calculated by Hockey Fever Ltd.)


14.1  All players take part in the leagues entirely at their own risk, as Hockey Fever Ltd do not accept liability for any personal injury or loss/damage to property howsoever caused.  We therefore recommend that players/teams take out their own insurance policies to cover such eventualities.  Please note however that if you are already a Club Hockey Player and have paid for Membership, you will have some level of insurance cover to play.


15.1  Hockey Fever reserves the right to alter these rules at any time during a season, and will notify all Team Managers of the amendments, via email.  We may also change the match night, time or venue where necessary.  It is the Team Organisers responsibility to make their team aware of the changes.

15.2  Any complaints must be submitted in writing to Hockey Fever Ltd, within seven days of the event.

15.3  Hockey Fever can be contacted by:

Email: info@hockey-fever.co.uk

Post: Hockey Fever Ltd, 5 Manor Farm Drive, Up Hatherley, Cheltenham, Glos. GL51 3DY

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