Team Commitment & Conceding matches

When you register your team and join a league for a season with Hockey Fever it’s important that all team members and organisers understand a few key points about your team commitment.

Registering a team into a Hockey Fever league involves committing to the whole season. If you are unable to complete the season for whatever reason, you are still liable for the match fees until a replacement team is found.


If a team cannot find enough players for a particular match and have to concede, then they will be charged the match fees of £36 and the game is conceded 4 – 0. If a conceding team gives less than 24 hours notice, they will charged the oppositions match fees in addition to their own match fees. A team may only concede one match in any one season at Hockey Fever, and will incur a £36 fine if they concede more than one in a season. To help find stand-in players we use a Facebook Ringers Group. If you want more information please contact us or to join the Facebook Ringers group click here.


As a team registered to Hockey Fever you are signing up to our Code of Conduct:

To ensure that the game of hockey is played in a manner consistent with the ethos of fair play, integrity, sportsmanship and honesty, each team/player entering a Hockey Fever League, or competition shall sign up to the following code of conduct for their players, and spectators.

  1. Know the rules of the game and play to them.
  2. Play fairly, be competitive but not aggressive.
  3. During play do not question a decision made by the Umpires either by gesture, look, verbally or by commenting to another player.
  4. Keep yourself in control at all times and do not retaliate. Do not use obscene language or physical abuse at any time
  5. Players MUST NOT consume alcoholic drinks or smoke, nor be under the influence of alcohol or illicit drugs when playing.
  6. Players should accept victory modestly and defeat graciously. Your team will be judged on your behaviour.
  7. Thank the umpires for officiating your match.
  8. Thank your opposition at the end of the match. Spectators associated with the team shall also follow the spirit of this code of conduct. Individuals and teams may be liable to disciplinary action if they have committed any breach of this code of conduct or have failed to comply with the league handbook.

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