Hockey Fever launched in April 2016 and was the brainchild of close friends Lucie Archer and Amy Mills. Hockey Fever's mission was to share all the positives that Hockey can bring to life. Fun, confidence, self-esteem, teamwork, commitment, sportsmanship... to name but a few.

Hello I'm...

Lucie Archer

I’m the one behind the scenes on the admin and organising front, but I do like to get out there and just play! My passion for hockey started at school, in Cheltenham, with the formidable Mary Eyre teaching me. I made my way over the years through County, District, West and England trials before realising that the 50% of me that was Welsh was the left hand side where my heart lay.

I then spent 15 years representing Wales in both Women’s and Mixed sides, and playing National League.  Along the way I have trained as a teacher, spent 6 years as a Firefighter and continue to work alongside Ed, my husband, in our business as a training provider, training personal trainers and delivering Strength and Conditioning sessions, particularly to juniors.

The last 10 years have been busy with the arrival of four little Archers, but now there is just enough time for me to squeeze in some hockey again.

I’m really excited about being able to make hockey accessible to everyone, from those who just want a bit of team sport fitness, to those who love hockey and want to play through the summer to those who haven’t played since school and want to see if they can still hit a hockey ball, to those who’ve played before but can’t manage Saturday fixtures due to family commitments. I can’t wait to meet you all on the side of a pitch, please come and say hi.

Lucie Archer - Hockey Fever

I’m really excited about being able to make hockey accessible to everyone

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