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It’s not about being picked for the A Team, it’s about being part of a team

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Amy Mills

I remember a lecture in an A level PE lesson which was discussing statistics on how many people drop out of team sports after leaving school or college. I was one of the lucky ones and enjoyed sport at school and couldn’t possibly imagine not being part of a team or going a week without playing hockey or netball.

Sure enough when I left school I left sport.  Looking back I wasn’t confident enough to join the local clubs certainly not confident enough to join the University hockey team.  Now coming up to my 39th birthday I can look back and see how silly I was. I’m sad I missed out through lack of confidence and missing the point!

The point being, is that participation is everything not how good you are or how good you wished you were.  It’s not about being picked for the A-Team it’s about being part of a team.  It’s not about your ability it’s about your enthusiasm, spirit and encouraging others.

Two years ago I was lucky enough to come across a mums hockey team and although I was nervous I have not looked back. One of the team members is Lucie Archer Ex-International hockey player.  Watching Lucie inspire others to play better has given me the confidence to encourage others back to sport.  People want to take part but unfortunately we are driven by fear and failing. I play in a team with beginners and international players and there is nothing to fear only something to gain.

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